As we are all dealing with these extraordinary times, I pray you and those you love are safe and healthy. As you might be aware or suspect, we did cancel the 2020 SCJ Conference scheduled for March 20-21. We have been moving forward with what might be best and are excited now to tell you about our plan to reschedule the 2020 SCJ Conference for September 11-12 at Johnson University.

We are thankful to the Johnson University and our plenary speakers to be responsive and flexible to this effort to reschedule. So, less than two months before the presidential election conference attendees will be provided seasoned thoughts on Politics and the Stone-Campbell Movement from Shaun Casey, Jess Hale, and Rick Cherok. The setup will be the same as originally planned: all-day on Friday and half-day on Saturday. The costs will be exactly the same. Thankfully, two generous donors have offered to offset some of the extra costs both SCJ and Johnson will incur to reboot this conference.

Hopefully, by then, the worst of the coronavirus pandemic will have passed in the U.S., colleges, seminaries, and universities will have started up for fall, and life mostly be back to normal. Whatever happens I would like to be positive and move ahead for a fantastic conference that will seem all the more rich after the multiple social separations we are all experiencing in these days.

I would be thrilled if the program remains exactly as originally scheduled: plenary, parallel, and study group sessions. However, I suspect that some of those planning to do sessions will no longer be able to come. This will open fresh opportunity for new papers to fill in those slots. So, this is a call for new parallel paper proposals. Things were very tight on the original schedule. But provide the title of your paper, if interested, to no later than July 1. However, I will consider using them in the order received.

If the new dates present a new opportunity for you to attend, the registration process will soon be set up to make this possible. Register for the conference at no later than September 2. Registration prices will be the lowest until August 9.

If you are or become an SCJ member, the plenary sessions will be live-streamed for you to take advantage of should you be unable to attend. Also, papers will be made available from most parallel and study group sessions on our website to members through September and October.

I look forward to seeing you at Johnson University on September 11-12, 2020.


William R. Baker
SCJ Editor, President of Stone-Campbell International