Featured Speakers

Shaun Casey, Director, Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and Public Affairs, and Professor, Georgetown University

“The Impact of Stone-Campbell Ideals: My Life in Political Work and Public Service”

“The Office of Religion and Global Affairs Under Barack Obama: My Perspective”

Jess Hale, Attorney with the Tennessee General Assembly, former staff to a Tennessee Governor and a U.S. Senator

“Disciples at Public Tables: A Public Servant’s View of SCM Engagement with Public Policy”

Richard Cherok, Professor of History, Ozark Christian College

“Citizen Campbell: Alexander Campbell and Early American Politics”

Parallel Papers

Peter Battaglia (Marquette University) “The David Made Me Do It: A Case for Cosmic Struggle in the Johannine Betrayal Narrative”

Joseph Baumstarck (University of Louisville) “Alexander Campbell: A Neglected Antebellum Cultural and Religious Figure”

Jason Bembry (Emmanuel Christian Seminary at Milligan) “The Creation Museum and Climate Change Denial: Two Bad Ideas”

Garrett Best (Asbury Theological Seminary) “Status Quaestionis: Was John’s Revelation a Real Vision or Literary Production?”

Tad C. Blacketter (Adjunct at Large Mt. Pulaski, IL) “Eutopia/Outopia: The Centripetal Rhetorical Force of the Deuteronomic Legal Code (Deut 12-26).”

Jamie Coates (Kentucky Christian University) “For Every Generation: Benefits of Engaging Intergenerational Volunteers in the Local Church Worship Ministry”

Cheryl Eaton (Lincoln Christian University) “Joshua 24 and Psalm 81 as Intertexts”

Ryan Eidson (Lincoln Christian University) “More Than Vocational Preparation: Alexander Campbell’s Method of Higher Education for Character Formation”

David Fiensy (Kentucky Christian University) “Four Perspectives on Scriptural Authority: From the Quest to the Open Canon”

David W. Fletcher (Independent Researcher, Coffee County, TN) “The Limited Use of “Zion” by New Testament Writers”

Rebekah Gordon (Florida State University) “Preconditions for Preaching the Unknown God: The Need for Religious Studies Programs at Stone-Campbell Schools”

Brad Helgerson (North-West University) “Teaching Baptism to Baptists: The Necessity of Addressing Defeater Beliefs”

David Hester (Faulkner University) “The Concept of ‘Grace’ in World Religions”

Joshua Houston (Faulkner University) “Slave, Brother, or Other? A New Hypothesis on the Relationship Between Philemon and Onesimus”

Christopher Hutson (Abilene Christian University) “‘Pray for Rulers’: Jewish and Christian Responses to Pagan Emperors”

Christopher Jones (Faulkner University) “Sacrificial Language and the Lord’s Supper in the Patristic Fathers: From the Didache to Justin Martyr”

Benjamin Lantzer (Bethlehem College & Seminary) “What is the ‘Good Work’ in Philippians 1:6? Paul and the Business of the Gospel in Macedonia”

Chauncey A. Lattimer, Jr. (First Christian Church Brook, IN) “Allegiance to our King”

Paul R. McCuistion (Teaching4Jesus Ministries) “Discipleship Across the Synoptic Gospels”

Daniel Mueller (Marquette University) “Friend or Foe?: Friendship, Reciprocity, and the Evil Inclination in Sirach 37:1–6 (LXX)”

David Pocta (Oblate School of Theology) “Barton W. Stone’s Legacy: A Spirituality Driven by God’s Grace”

James Sennett (Brenau University) “C. S. Lewis and Global Ethics: Hypernorms in The Abolition of Man”

L. Thomas Smith, Jr. (Johnson University) “The Amelioration of Society: A Framework for Understanding Alexander Campbell’s Approach to Social Reform”

David Stark (Faulkner University) “Jerome Murphy-O’Connor on Baptism for the Dead: Review and Response”

Virgil Warren (Vermillion Christian Church) “Some Implications of Legal Process for Hermeneutics, Faith, and Practice”

Student Paper Finalists

Undergraduate Student Paper Finalist

Presider: Les Hardin
Johnson University Florida

Michael Wood
Johnson University Florida
Sponsor: Les Hardin

The King’s Invitation: A Study of Matthew 22:1-14

Graduate Paper Finalists

Ryan Eidson
Lincoln Christian University
Sponsor: Steve Cone

Growing into Humanity’s True Identity to Fulfill God’s Purpose: Imago Dei in Irenaeus of Lyons

Troy LaRue
Abilene Christian University
Sponsor: Wes Crawford

Cracks in the Foundation: Epistemology and Austin McGary

Samuel Guy
Emmanuel Christian Seminary
Sponsor: Jason Bembry

What is אדם that You are Mindful; A Comparison of אדם in Gen 1 and 2

Isaac Errett Award Finalists

Joel Childers
Abilene Christian University

Responses to the Attack on Pearl Harbor in Journals from the Methodist Church and Churches of Christ.

Study Groups

Acts and the Early Church

Presiders: Judith Odor
Asbury Theological Seminary
Rob O’Lynn
Kentucky Christian University

Rob O’Lynn
Kentucky Christian University
‘Moses and the Prophets’: The Emmaus Narrative as Homiletic and Theological Lens for Early Christian Preaching

Stan Helton
Alberta Bible College
Acts in the Writing of Origen

Paul McCuiston
Saint Leo University
The Speeches of Acts as a Model for Contemporary Preaching

Biblical Teaching on Women

Presiders: Jeff Miller
Milligan College
Dawn Gentry
Christ Community Church/
Nebraska Christian College

Steve Gardner
Aukenjam LLC, Authentic Theology
Winston-Salem, NC

Suggestions on Advancing our Theology and Practice for Women in Ministry from a Lawyer’s 25 years of Experience

Dawn Gentry
Christ Community Church/
Nebraska Christian College

Theology vs. Practice: How Both Impact our Textual Application Regarding Women in Ministry

Christian Education

Presiders: James Estep
Central Christian College of the Bible
Tim Westbrook
Harding University

Dr. James Riley Estep
Central Christian College of the Bible
Ryan Eidson
Lincoln Christian University

Able to Teach: An Examination of the Teaching Role of Elders in the New Testament within Their Historical Context

Ryan Eidson
Lincoln Christian University

Growing into Humanity’s True Identity to Fulfill God’s Purpose: Imago Dei in Irenaeus of Lyons

Brandon Bradley
Central Christian College of the Bible

Spiritual Discernment and the Stone-Campbell Tradition

Ecclesiology and Social Ethics

Presiders: Shaun Brown
D’Youville College
Kate A. K. Blakely
Great Lakes Christian College

Andrew Sutherland
Baylor University

Christianity and Capitalism after the Postliberals: Ecclesiolgical Lessons from Kathryn Tanner

Ron Clark
Agape Church of Christ/Portland Seminary

What Does It Mean to Be a Missional Church in Crisis? Developing Responses to Portland’s Houseless Crisis Through Apocalypticism, Eschatology, Eschatology, and Prophetic Ministries in Jeremiah 16:14–15 and 29:1–14

Stephen Lawson
Austin Graduate School of Theology

History and Theology of the Stone-Campbell Movement

Presiders: James L. Gorman
Johnson University
John Mark Hicks
Lipscomb University

Book-Review Panel:

Edward J. Robinson.
Hard-Fighting Soldiers: A History of African American Churches of Christ.
(Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press, 2019.)

Tanya Smith Brice
Bowie State University

Jefferson Caruthers
Carver Road Church of Christ

Wes Crawford
Abilene Christian University

Kenneth Gilmore
Southwestern Christian College

Edward J. Robinson
Texas College

Jewish Scripture as Christian Scripture

Presiders: Ashley Hibbard
Emmanuel Bible College
Ontario, Canada
David Stark
Faulkner University

John Nugent
Great Lakes Christian College

Paradisiacal Parallelomania: Evaluating Alleged Connections between the Garden of Eden and God’s Temple

Scott Caulley
Kentucky Christian University

The Road to Emmaus: Luke and Early Christian Scripture Interpretation

Daryl Docterman

Paul and Jeremiah: Strange Bedfellows?

Presiders: Jordan C. Stanley
Asbury Seminary
Gary D Collier

J. David Stark
Faulkner University

An Exclusively Gentile Audience in Romans?: Review and Assessment of Recent Proposals

Judith Odor
Cincinnati, OH

A Letter with a Person, or a Person with a Letter?

Old Testament in Ancient Near Eastern Context

Presiders: Jason Bembry
Emmanuel Christian Seminary
Adam Bean
Johns Hopkins University

J. Blair Wilgus
Hope International University

2 Kings 2:23-24: Using Literary Criticism to Reject Biblical Violence

Joseph Mueller
Fuller Theological Seminary

The Fracturing of the Divine: Lamentations 2 as Traumatic Theological Reorientation

Patrick Lewis Harvey
University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Septuagint Storyteller: A Translation-Critical Analysis of the so-called Historic Present Tense in 1 Samuel

Synoptic Gospels

Presiders: Barry L. Blackburn
Emmanuel Christian Seminary
Point University
Danny Yencich
University of Denver

Round Table Discussion: Teaching SCM History in Congregational Settings

Presiders: John Young
University of Alabama
Garrett Best
Asbury Theological Seminary

John Young
PhD candidate, University of Alabama

Joshua Jeffrey
Humanities Dept Chair/US History Teacher, Orme School of Arizona

Garrett Best
PhD candidate, Asbury Theological Seminary

Ed Robinson
Associate Professor of History and Religion, Texas College

Adam Petty
Historian/Documentary Editor, Church History Department of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints